Food and Agriculture Microbiome

Fermentöme’s technology platform enables the identification, extraction, and culture of previously unculturable microbial populations from agricultural and food sources. Examples include:

➢ Mining of novel microbes from indigenous or local habitats that have unique enzyme systems for bioconversion, enzyme complexes and probiotic food supplements for personalized food and medicine.

➢Production and scaling up of enzymes for food applications, molecular diagnostics and for biosensor systems used diagnostic devices and kits.

➢ Culture strains from microbiome that can enhance wine, cheese, and yogurt with new flavors and texture and for medicinal probiotics that can enhance memory and wellness for all ages and for specific disorders for humans and pets.

➢ Novel strains that can degrade common toxins in cattle, pork and poultry feed and for the biosensors that can that can detect meat spoilage.

➢Novel strains that increase GI tract health and nutrition for individuals based on geography and needs.

➢ Microbial mining to enrich and improve the fertility of soil and organic food production for small agricultural firms and farms.