Medical, Pharmaceutical, Microbiome based Medicinal Probiotics & Drug Development

Fermentöme’s technology platform enables the identification, extraction, and culture of previously unculturable microbial populations from human or veterinary samples.

➢ Culture of VBNC (viable but not culturable) microbes from any natural-biological sample or man-made habitats.

➢ Enables the development of diagnostics and therapeutics that target non-log phase (VBNC), latent, dormant, or recurrent bacterial pathogens

➢ VBNC pathogen profiling in cases of nosocomial, post-surgical, recurrent septicemia. Identification of VBNC strains, scaling it up to growth in-vitro and assessing their drug susceptibility

➢ Mining for microbial natural products with antibiotic and antifungal properties

➢ Isolation of VBNCs with novel metabolic pathways that can circumvent novel products and/or intermediates

➢ Isolation, cataloguing, and sales of VBNC strains for targeted drug development.

➢ Isolation of antibiotic resistant bacteria  from biological samples which can lead to effective drug development for them.

➢Biological data mining from previously uncultured microbes for gene therapy.

➢  Develop microbiome based medicinal probiotics that aids in digestion of the GI tract, reduces the inflammation, pain, assists in the reduction of cholesterol,  modulates immune system and provides overall well being.