Mining of Novel Microbes from Environmental Microbiome

Fermentöme’s technology platform enables the identification, extraction, and culture of previously unculturable microbial populations from environmental or industrially valuable samples.

➢ Microbial mining of economically valuable microorganisms

➢ Isolation of new (aerobic and anaerobic) high-yield strains for biofuel production processes and novel metabolic pathways to improve hydrocarbon recovery

➢ Novel uncultivable microbe mining for an array of environmental biotechnological applications such as bioremediation, degradation of highly persistent pollutants, energy production, and customer-desired applications

➢ Identification of CO2 and CO conversion strains for bioconversion processes

➢ Selective cultivation of strains that have unique metabolic pathways, enzymes, genes, and proteins for large scale production

➢ Development of pure cultures, defined mixed cultures, and natural mixed culture consortia

➢ Identification and growth of niche-application microbes, enabling continuous production of microbially-derived energy compounds, such as acetone, butanol, ethanol, acids, biopolymers, high octane fuels, carbohydrates, and gases such as methane, hydrogen and sulphide