Here at Fermentöme, we create solutions to global problems in a variety of industries and sectors by harnessing the power of microbiomes and  novel uncultivable microbes available in nature.  We  create custom life forms that will transform Medical, Pharmaceutical, Microbiome based Drug-Discovery,  Medicinal Probiotics, Drug Development and Diagnostics Development, Disease detection and treatment for hard to grow in vitro or hard to isolate, low copy number pathogens from tissues.

Environmental Biotechnology,  Personalized Food and Probiotic Development for GI diseases and Agricultural Biotechnology, Proteins, Enzymes, Cosmetics, and numerous other  products and applications.

Fermentome is a new kind of innovation company, founded by an eminent biotechnologist-biochemical engineer and supported by scientists, entrepreneurs unified by a shared mission to advance the microbiome based discovery and solutions company in the World. Fermentome specializes in mining and delivering customized microbes for a specific application, process development, scaling up and tech-transfer for CMO and also deliver a complete business around it.  We partner with visionary companies in this mission in  sectors such as Medical, Pharmaceutical,  Industrial, Environmental, Agricultural and  numerous consumer applications. We also continue to provide technical and other support for our valued customers in every way.

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Fermentöme is an emerging company located in Massachusetts.